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Another great movie from Neil Blomkamp, director of District 9.
Based in 2154, earth is overpopulated and diseased. The extremely wealthy are on a man made space station called Elysium.
The action and effects are fantastic. The story original, and the weapons and their affects unbelievable. I really enjoyed this movie.

“Gem Baysan”


After falling in love with the original Hangover and then being terribly disappointed with part 2, which I felt was the same movie as part 1 but in Bangkok. I was very excited to see Hangover 3, because the commercials had some good laughs and made it seem like they were going back to their roots and had to go back to Vegas…..unfortunately there aren’t too many funny scenes beyond the trailers and only the first third of the movie is engaging. There were long stretches where nothing really happens. Although there were some laughs this movie fell short. I really wanted to like this movie more, but The Hanover should’ve been one movie, the last 2 have been cash grabs. One note- watch the credits, there is a scene that feels like its from the original…part 3 needed more of this.

Gem Baysan

Iron Man 3 was a very entertaining movie. It is quite different from the first two movies, in that the third installment was more focused on Tony Stark, and less on Iron Man. Robert Downey Jrs onscreen presence made this movie. With his sarcasm and quick witted humor, he is the one super hero actor that can not be replaced.

Gem Baysan

The Great Gatsby, is a movie showing a an obscenely wealthy man, Jay Gatsby, throwing extravagant parties all in the name of love. The twist is that although the movie takes place in the 1920’s, the soundtrack is done by Jay-Z

Gem Baysan